Table 1

 Between group analysis (two sample t test, SPM99): regions of relative accelerated loss of grey matter volume in patients v controls (modulated data)

Talairach coordinatesRegion
xyzHemisphereAnatomicBrodman areaZ statistic
BA, Brodman area; L, left; R, right; Z, maximum ζ value (voxel level uncorrected p<0.001, cluster level corrected p<0.05).
−27−6063LSuperior parietal lobuleBA 75.54
−43238LMiddle frontal gyrusBA 95.38
−31−6558LSuperior parietal lobuleBA 75.20
−65−528RMiddle temporal gyrusBA 395.13
19−1572RSuperior frontal gyrusBA 65.10
47−7625LSuperior temporal gyrusBA 225.10
31−6160RSuperior parietal lobule/precuneusBA 75.05
27−952RPrecentral gyrusBA 44.94
−67−1026LPostcentral gyrusBA 1–34.89
49−1228RPrecentral gyrusBA 44.87
3569RSuperior frontal gyrusBA 64.81
−472335LMiddle frontal gyrusBA 94.78
−69−3720LMiddle temporal gyrusBA 214.77
19−7948RSuperior parietal lobule/precuneusBA 74.76
27−8135RSuperior parietal lobule/precuneusBA 74.65
49231RInferior frontal gyrusBA 44.63
−33−6636LSuperior occipital gyrusBA 194.61
55−622RPrecentral gyrusBA 44.60
−33−5943LInferior parietal lobuleBA 404.56
−33−6945RSuperior parietal lobuleBA 74.48