Table 2

Peak voxel localisation and significance of the brain regions characterised by reduced metabolism in the e4 non-carriers (non-e4), e3/e4, and e4/e4 AD patients compared with controls

ComparisonKeRegionBrodmann areaCoordinates (mm)†Z value*
†Coordinates from the atlas of Talairach and Tournoux:27x is the distance in mm to the right (+) or left (−) of midline, y is the distance anterior (+) or posterior (−) to the anterior commissure, and z is the distance superior (+) or inferior (−) to a horizontal plane through the anterior and posterior commissures.
*P<0.001, corrected for cluster extent (Ke).
Non-e48637Inferior parietal lobule40−58−47387.11
Fusiform gyrus20−50−30−195.49
1108Superior frontal gyrus8−2643406.85
Middle frontal gyrus8−4622435.41
Superior frontal gyrus9−1854325.41
3185Inferior parietal lobule4058−44446.06
Supramarginal gyrus4059−59325.40
192Inferior temporal gyrus2058−40−175.45
Cingulate gyrus314−55285.30
e3/e462Superior frontal gyrus8−2643406.15
1498Inferior parietal lobule40−55−55385.22
Supramarginal gyrus40−56−52285.92
810Supramarginal gyrus4060−55365.84
201Middle frontal gyrus83039445.29
Cingulate gyrus31−3−60285.30
e4/e41028Inferior parietal lobule40−46−60426.22
Cingulate gyrus23−3−57185.26
1184Inferior parietal lobule3950−66406.23
Angular gyrus3955−65316.06
415Inferior temporal gyrus2060−49−145.54
90Superior frontal gyrus8−2641425.29
88Middle frontal gyrus83235445.54