Table 3

Peak voxel localisation and significance of the brain regions characterised by significant metabolic differences between AD genotypic subgroups (e4 non-carriers, e3/e4, and e4/e4). Results reaching significance at p<0.001 and at p<0.005 are presented in separate sections.

RegionBrodmann areaCoordinates (mm)†Z valuep values
†Coordinates from the atlas of Talairach and Tournoux:27x is the distance in mm to the right (+) or left (−) of midline, y is the distance anterior (+) or posterior (−) to the anterior commissure, and z is the distance superior (+) or inferior (−) to a horizontal plane through the anterior and posterior commissures.
*Uncorrected for multiple comparisons.
Pre-central gyrus6−20−19633.80<0.001*
Middle occipital gyrus1828−93103.80
Anterior cingulate cortex32−1023253.68
Medial frontal gyrus8−334432.76<0.005**
Superior temporal gyrus38−4413−112.32
Middle occipital gyrus18−7−82212.80
Posterior cingulate cortex23−4−30242.81
Anterior cingulate cortex24413272.56
Parahippocampal gyrus36−27−20−242.71