Table 4

Care giver descriptions of FC in response to question two of the One Day Fluctuation Assessment Scale (“Has the patient had a period (or periods) today when he or she seemed to be confused and muddled and then a period (or periods) when he or she seemed to be improved and functioning better? Give examples of the worst and best period of function.”)

Probable DLBProbable AD
Worst: He was hallucinating, his character changed and he got loud, almost aggressive.Worst: She repeated the same question over and over 5–8 times in an hour.
Best: He was only slightly muddled.Best: She didn’t repeat herself so much.
Worst: She required full direction with ADLs, was lethargic, dribbling and confused to time, place and routine.Worst: He forgot the time and date and asked me 10 times in an hour.
Best: She was alert, aware of her routine and familiar with the other residents.Best: He remembered the day.
Worst: He couldn’t work our how to charge his electric razor or plug it in.Worst: She repeated the same question numerous times over a few hours.
Best: He attended to clerical work and paid the bills.Best: She recognised people by name.
Worst: She was nonsensical, confused, and mumbled incoherently.Worst: She was unsure of where she was going and why.
Best: She was almost as she was.Best: She was fleetingly objective and less repetitive.
Worst: She got up at 2:30 am and got dressed for an appointment.Worst: When he had to sort things out himself and remember what to do.
Best: Periods where she seems to think quite clearly, made sense and remembered things.Best: When there was someone to guide and remind him.
Worst: He woke in the morning and thought there was a drama somewhere and he had to be there, I couldn’t convince him otherwise.Worst: He got snappy, agitated and couldn’t think of what he wanted to say.
Best: He woke up calm, and was more easily convinced not to worry.Best: He was talkative and productive, making his own bread.
Worst: He kept looking for “the exit”, couldn’t find the bedroom or the bathroom and had trouble recognising me (wife)Worst: After an argument she got agitated and couldn’t think
Best: He was alert, opened the door, and greeted me after work. He knew me and seemed pleased to see me.Best: Normal conversation and presented well to others who don’t live with her.
Worst: She was seeing people, preparing extra meals, and asking how many people to cook for.Worst: After a small amount of alcohol she became confused and unsteady
Best: Normal conversation, made sense, nothing unusual.Best: When she relaxed and things were highly organised or centred around her.
Worst: Illogical discussion, all jumbled, and didn’t make sense.
Best: Made himself clearly understood.