Table 2

Inter-rater reliability (ICC) of motor impairment items in clinical assessment

Shared itemsSPES/SCOPAUPDRSNon-shared items
*Agreement is fair (ICC = 0.21–0.40) – all other agreements are at least “moderate” (>0.40)25;
†estimates unreliable (insufficient dispersion); % agreement 97.10 (R leg) and 91.20 (L leg). Eight items in UPDRS (U) and two items in SPES/SCOPA (S) with poor agreement (⩽0.40).
ICC, intra-class correlation coefficient; L, left; mov, movement; R, right; UPDRS, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale.
Rest tremor R0.630.53
Rest tremor L0.670.45
Postural tremor R0.34*0.34*
Postural tremor L0.640.58
Rapid alternating mov R0.580.59
Rapid alternating mov L0.450.50
Rigidity R0.27*0.38*
Rigidity L0.610.64
Rise from chair0.830.83
Postural instability0.600.59
0.57Freezing in “on”
0.36*Facial expression
0.21*Rest tremor head
0.00†Rest tremor R leg
0.00†Rest tremor L leg
0.59Rigidity head
0.29*Rigidity R leg
0.44Rigidity L leg
0.46Finger tap R
0.39*Finger tap L
0.28*Hand movements R
0.67Hand movements L
0.53Leg agility R
0.61Leg agility L
0.23*Body bradykinesia