Table 1

 Results of the nerve conduction study

*Abnormal results in italics.
CV, conduction velocity; MAP, motor action potential; NR, no response; SNAP, sensory nerve action potential.
Right median nerve
    Motor latency, wrist<4.2 ms 6.5
    Motor CV, forearm>45 m/s47.8
    MAP amplitude>4 mV6.2
    F-wave latency<28 ms 33.6
    Sensory CV, wrist>45 m/s 28.8
    SNAP amplitude>19 µv 14
Right ulnar nerve
    Motor latency, wrist<3.5 ms 7.7
    Motor CV, forearm>49 m/s59.2
    Motor CV, elbow>45 mV57.1
    MAP amplitude>3 ms 0.23
    F-wave latency<28 msNR
    Sensory CV, wrist>44 m/sNR
    SNAP amplitude>18 µvNR
Right radial nerve
    Sensory CV, wrist>45 m/s 44.8
    SNAP amplitude>12 µv 5
Right suprascapular nerve
    Motor latency, shoulder<3.7 msNR
    MAP amplitude>3 mvNR
Right peroneal nerve
    Motor latency, ankle<5.5 ms 6.9
    Motor CV, leg>40 m/s 39.4
    Motor CV, knee>40 mv 34.5
    MAP amplitude>2.5 ms8.1
    F-wave latency<52 ms 62.5
    Sensory CV, wrist>45 m/s 27.0
    SNAP amplitude>8 µv 4
Right tibial neve
    Motor latency, ankle<6.0 m/s5
    Motor CV, leg>41 mV41
    MAP amplitude>2.9 ms9
    F-wave latency<55 ms 58.8
Right sural nerve
    Sensory CV, leg>40 m/s 37.8
    SNAP amplitude>12 µv15