Table 5

Inter-rater reliability and internal consistency of SPES/SCOPA and UPDRS

ICC sumscoresICC itemsCronbach αItem total*
*Corrected item-total correlation; †tremor R and L leg – estimates unreliable because of insufficient dispersion; ‡sensory symptoms; §not applicable (only two items).
Values obtained by clinical assessment in 85 patients.
ADL, activities of daily living; ICC, intra-class correlation coefficient; UPDRS, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale.
SPES/SCOPA motor0.860.27–0.830.740.15–0.65
UPDRS motor0.900.00†–0.830.880.03–0.65
SPES/SCOPA ADL0.890.58–0.820.810.38–0.72
UPDRS ADL0.930.61–0.910.75−0.02‡–0.65
SPES/SCOPA dyskinesias0.890.74–0.920.92NA§
UPDRS dyskinesias0.940.39–0.960.580.11–0.63
SPES/SCOPA fluctuations0.720.65–0.690.95NA§
UPDRS fluctuations0.750.41–0.710.740.48–0.66