Table 3

Prevalence, severity (visual analogue scale), and duration (days) of symptoms recalled by 32 restrained car occupants with acute whiplash syndrome at a six months follow up

Severity (VAS) and duration of symptoms (days)n%MeanRange
VAS, visual analogue scale (0, no pain/disturbance; 10, maximum imaginable pain/disturbance).
Neck painSeverity2990.64.31.1 to 7.5
Duration44.21 to 180
Head pain/headacheSeverity1340.63.40.6 to 6.3
Duration50.91 to 180
Shoulder painSeverity26.33.42.5 to 4.3
Duration100.521 to 180
Other painSeverity26.32.82.3 to 3.2
Duration100.521 to 180
Neck stiffnessSeverity1856.33.70.5 to 7.8
Duration59.21 to 180
Restriction of neck motionSeverity1959.43.61.1 to 7.6
Duration34.41 to 180
VertigoSeverity618.84.92.5 to 6.7
Duration66.31 to 180
NauseaSeverity412.55.84 to 9.3
Duration8.31 to 28
Visual disturbanceSeverity13.13.5
Auditory disturbanceSeverity13.1