Table 1

Demographic data and measures of general level of cognitive and everyday functioning for vascular and Alzheimer groups and controls

VaDDATMain control groupDoors and people testCamel and cactus test
Values are mean (SD). Maximum scores are given in brackets following the name of each test. Descriptions of the tests and control groups are included in the text. Note that higher scores on the clinical dementia rating scale and the Cambridge behavioural inventory indicate greater impairment.
DAT, dementia of Alzheimer type; VaD, vascular dementia.
Age (years)71.2 (7.8)68.9 (8.6)68.1 (6.3)67.8 (8.9)67.2 (7.8)
Years of full time education11.6 (3.1)13.1 (3.4)11.3 (1.1)11.3 (3.1)
Mini-mental state examination (30)25.3 (3.8)24.2 (3.7)28.7 (1.0)29.5 (0.7)
Addenbrooke’s cognitive examination (100)75.7 (13.8)75.4 (10.9)93.3 (3.0)
Clinical dementia rating scale (3)1.0 (0.8)0.8 (0.8)
Cambridge behavioural inventory (324)52.9 (39.6)60.9 (36.1)