Table 1

Characteristics of stroke patients with proven anterior circulation infarction from the ASH stroke database

Patients without history of preceding TIA (n = 4465)Patients with history of preceding TIA (n = 332)
*Non-significant; **p<0.05; ***p<0.01
Defined as having a MRS score of ⩽1 and Barthel Index ⩾90.
ASH, Arbeitsgruppe Schlaganfall Hessen, CVD, cardiovascular disease; MRS, Modified Rankin Scale; SD, standard deviation; TIA transient ischaemic attack
Age in years (mean±SD)69.5±12.769.2±12.1*
% Men53.561.6***
Hospital admission after symptom onset: <3/3–6/⩾6 hrs (%)24/22/4519/18/55***
Hospital stay: days (mean±SD)11.4±9.713.1±10.3***
Barthel Index: <30/30–70/⩾70 (%)
    Day 718.4/23.2/58.412.4/20.7/66.9**
MRS: 0–1/2–3/4–5/6 (%)
    Day 733.7/28.8/35.2/2.243.2/28.4/26.0/2.5***
Favourable outcome (%)
    Day 724.933.1***
Risk factors (%)
    Arterial hypertension71.369.3*
Stroke subtype (%)
    Large vessel atherothrombosis22.028.3***
    Small vessel disease26.225.9*
    Other determined cause3.94.2*
Secondary prevention (%)
    Other aggregation inhibitors15.923.8***