Table 1

Patients taking etizolam alone prior to development of blepharospasm

Onset age (years)SexDose (mg/day)Duration (years)Drug use stoppedOutcome*
*Follow up period >6 months. Improved 1: patient reported improvement but still required botulinum toxin. Improved 2: patient became asymptomatic without any further treatment.
68F0.25/2 days9YesImproved 1
28F0.5/2 days1 monthYesImproved 2
58F0.5/2 days3YesImproved 1
51F0.52 monthsYesImproved 2
57M0.510 monthsYesImproved 1
63F0.51Changed drugNo change
62F0.517 monthsYesNo change
41F0.55YesImproved 1
28F0.56NoNo change
52F0.57YesNo change
67F1.06Reduced to 0.5 mgNo change
57F1.012NoNo change
42F1.510YesImproved 1