Table 1

Ages, lesion locations, and neglect ratings for individuals with posterior parietal cortex lesions

Subject group*Age (years)SexLocation†, size‡ and cause§ of lesionNeglect ratings¶
*Subjects are numbered in each group: RPPL, right posterior parietal lobe lesions; LPPL, left posterior parietal lobe lesions (F, female; M, male).
†Location of lesion specified by abbreviations as in Damasio and Damasio14: BG, basal ganglia; F, frontal; I, insula; IC, internal capsule; O, occipital; P, parietal; T, temporal; TH, thalamus.
‡Size of damaged area in lesion is indicated by the number in parentheses after the location (1, less than 25%; 2, 25–75%; 3, more than 75%).
§Cause of lesion: CVA, cerebrovascular accident; SR, surgical resection.
¶Neglect rating is from an assessment of the presence and degree of neglect (1, absent; 2, mild; 3, severe), based on neuropsychological testing (Rey-Osterreith complex figure test – copy version, a line cancellation task, a freehand drawing (of a clock)), and the pattern of performance on the Benton visual retention test and judgment of line orientation completed shortly after the lesion (acute) or more than three months after the lesion (chronic).
**NT, not tested because no indication of neglect on standard neurological examination.
RPPL-183MF06(2), F08(2), T08(3), T09(3), T12(2), P01(2), I01(3), I02(3); CVA11
RPPL-252MF06(2), F08(2), T03(2), T07(2), T08(2), T09(2), T12(2), P01(2), P02(0), BG2(2), BG3(2), IC1(1), IC2(1), IC3(1), I01(2), I02(2); CVANT**1
RPPL-328FT04(2), T06(2), T10(2), P01(2), P02(2), O05(2), TH1(2), TH2(2), TH3(2), TH4(2); CVA31
RPPL-454MF01(2), F06(3), F07(2), F08(2), F09(2), F11(2), T03(2), T04(2), T05(3), T06(3), T09(3), T12(2), P01(3), P02(2), P05(3), P06(2), I01(3), I02(3); CVA33
RPPL-560MF06(3), F07(2), F08(2), F09(3), F10(3), P01(2), P03(1), I01(3), I02(3); CVA31
RPPL-635FP04(3); SRNT1
LPPL-143FLeft: F02(3), P04(1), C02(2), C03(3); Right: F02(2), C02(2), C03(2); SR11
LPPL-248MP01(3), P02(3), F06(3), F08(2), I01(3), I02(3); CVA11
LPPL-366MP03(1-white); SR1NT
LPPL-442FF02(2), F05(2), P04(2); CVA11
LPPL-590MF06(3), F07(2), F08(2), F09(3), F10(3), P01(2), P03(1), I01(3), I02(3); CVANTNT
LPPL-672MP01(2)¶; CVA11
LPPL-776MP01(3), P02(3), F06(3), F08(2), T03(3), T04(3), T07(3), T08(3), T09(3), O04(2), O05(2), I01(3), I02(3); CVA
LPPL-852FP01(3), P02(2), P05(3), T09(2); SR11
LPPL-952MF06(3), F07(2), F08(2), T07(2), T08(3), T09(3), P01(1), BG1(3), BG2(3), BG3(3), IC1(3), IC2(4), IC3(4), I01(4), I02(3); CVANTNT