Table 2

Ages and lesion locations for individuals with lesions outside the posterior parietal cortex

SubjectAge (years)SexSide of lesionLocation†, size‡, and cause§ of lesion
†Location of lesion specified by abbreviations as in Damasio and Damasio14: BG, basal ganglia; F, frontal; I, insula; IC, internal capsule; O, occipital; PO, parietal; T, temporal; TH, thalamus.
‡Size of damaged area in lesion is indicated by the number in parentheses after the location (1, less than 25%; 2, 25–75%; 3, more than 75%).
§Cause of lesion: CVA, cerebrovascular accident; SR, surgical resection.
F, female; L, left; LCON, lesion control; M, male; R, right.
LCON-127MLT05(2); T10(1); T12(3); CVA
LCON-249MLT03(1); T08(1); T09(2); CVA
LCON-366FLT04:2; CVA
LCON-465MLF06(2); BG1(3); BG2(2); BG3(2); IC1(3); IC2(2); IC3(3);CVA
LCON-558MRT08(3); T12(2); BG3(2); I01(3); I02(1); CVA
LCON-630FRT05(1); T10(3); T12(3); SR
LCON-767MRT06(1); O01(2); O03(2); CVA
LCON-843MRT03(1); T04(2) ; T08(2) ; T09(1); CVA