Table 1

Pattern of white matter abnormalities in ischaemic leukoaraiosis

White matter regionIschaemic leukoaraiosisControls (NAWM)p Values (ANOVA, post hoc Tamhane T2)
LesionsNAWMLesions v NAWM in ILANAWM ILA v controls
In the ILA group, differences were found within lesions compared with NAWM in all anatomical regions. Differences were also found in the NAWM, compared with NAWM of controls, in anterior periventricular white matter and the centrum semiovale. Statistical analysis by analysis of variance with post hoc Tamhane’s T2 test for comparison of pairs.
ANOVA, analysis of variance; ILA, ischaemic leukoaraiosis; NAWM, normal appearing white matter.
Mean diffusivity (×10−9 m2.s−1)
Anterior periventricular1.29 (0.20)0.86 (0.04)0.81 (0.04)<0.0010.001
Posterior periventricular1.24 (0.16)0.83 (0.05)0.82 (0.04)<0.0010.99
Centrum semiovale1.22 (0.15)0.79 (0.04)0.75 (0.04)<0.0010.001
Fractional anisotropy
Anterior periventricular0.174 (0.042)0.293 (0.053)0.337 (0.047)<0.0010.011
Posterior periventricular0.247 (0.061)0.351 (0.058)0.378 (0.031)<0.0010.128
Centrum semiovale0.184 (0.034)0.299 (0.031)0.312 (0.024)<0.0010.24