Table 2

Relation between neuropsychological scores and findings from both conventional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging in the white matter of the centrum semiovale

T2 lesion volumeParenchymal volumeNAWMLesions
Partial correlation coefficients are shown after covarying for age and sex.
*p<0.05, **p<0.01.
FA, fractional anisotropy; MD, mean diffusivity; WAIS-R, Wechsler adult intelligence scale–revised; WCST, Wisconsin card sorting test; WMS, Wechsler memory scale.
General intellectual function
Full scale IQ0.01 0.47** −0.46** 0.14−0.010.20
Executive function
WCST, total errors0.08 −0.38* 0.41* −0.030.15−0.28
WCST, % perseverative errors−0.01 −0.43* 0.43* −0.010.15−0.29
Trail making B-A−0.18−0.320.15−0.06−0.10−0.16
WAIS-R digit symbol−0.04 0.46* −0.290.08−0.090.23
Verbal fluency (FAS)0.200.04−−0.10
Digit span, backwards−0.020.35−0.270.06−0.080.23
Memory (WMS)
Logical memory0.080.30−0.350.250.070.07
Paired associate learning0.090.27−0.09−
Visuospatial cognition
Benton facial recognition0.030.12−0.220.21−0.100.15