Table 3

Adverse events reported by at least 10% of patients in either group

SymptomRopinirole (n = 146)Placebo (n = 138)
Values are n (%).
*Despite reports of somnolence as an adverse event, the overall level of daytime somnolence measured by the medical outcomes study sleep scale showed significant improvement related to ropinirole treatment over the duration of the trial.
†Severe adverse events were defined as those that prevented normal everyday activities. Only nausea occurred in more than five patients in either group (ropinirole 7; placebo 0).
Nausea55 (37.7)9 (6.5)
Headache29 (19.9)23 (16.7)
Vomiting19 (13.0)2 (1.4)
Abdominal pain18 (12.3)12 (8.7)
Somnolence*18 (12.3)10 (7.2)
Upper respiratory tract infection14 (9.6)15 (10.9)
Patients reporting at least one adverse event120 (82.2)103 (74.6)
Patients reporting at least one severe adverse event†34 (23.3)21 (15.2)