Table 1

Patient characteristics and response to sympathetic blockade

Response to sympathetic blockade
Patient No: Sex, age (years)Type of injuryDuration of pain (months)Pain ratings: before/1–3 h/7 haTemperature (°C)b: affected/unaffectedEDAcVRcPain increase: before/after block
aPain rating (minimal pain: 0–3; moderate pain: 4–7; severe pain: 8–10) before, 1–3 hours after, and 7 hours after sympathetic blockade.
bTemperature of the fingers or toes before and after sympathetic blockade in the affected and unaffected limbs.
cElectrodermal activity or vasoconstrictor responses were present (+) or absent (−) in the affected limb after sympathetic blockade, or were not detected on either side (0).
dThe local anaesthetic injection was repeated two weeks after the first occasion in this patient.
EDA, electrodermal activity; F, female; L, left; M, male; NR, not recorded; R, right; VR, vasoconstrictor responses.
Patients with effective sympathetic blockade
1: F, 46R foot surgery44/1/024/2434/232/02/0
2: F, 63L thumb surgery2.56/3/325/2535/322/00/0
3: M, 30L ankle inversion35/1/123/2535/2501/01/0
4: M, 49R shoulder sprain, surgery55/2/2.533/3134/310/02/1
5: F, 48R foot surgery39/2/221/2133/230NR/NR4/2.5
6: F, 60L knee surgery137/0/324/2435/2500/0−1/0
7: M, 35L ankle surgery205/3/234/3435/270/00/0
8: F, 45R fingers surgery85/2/327/2534/24000/00/0
9: F, 33R wrist sprain385/1/125/2935/27NR/NR0/0
10: F, 33R palm burn48/2/NR36/3536/350/00/0
11: F, 19R palm electrocution133/0/325/2635/342/00/0
12: F, 50R brachial plexus traction133/0/4.522/2231/25002/00/0
13: F, 42L lumbar disc protrusion118/2/8.521/2134/242/02/0
14: M, 54R ankle eversion255.5/2.5/427/2935/290/01/1
15: M, 26R foot burn55/2/626/3034/230/00/0
16: F,42L foot fracture, surgery253/7/624/2535/252/23/1
17: M, 35R forearm crush, wrist surgery145/5/528/2835/322/21/2
18: F, 28R carpal tunnel decompression44/5/634/3334/2602/12/0
19: F, 41R ankle sprain2.58/9/825/2435/262/0−1/−1
20: F, 54L thumb fracture, wrist surgery287.5/4.5/5.533/3335/340.5/00.5/0
21: F, 37L ankle crush, sural nerve injury48/8/723/2534/2304/00/0
22: F, 38L knee sprain, surgery548/7/822/2336/2400/01/0
23: F, 34R knee blow, surgery139/7/822/2335/2100/01/1.5
24: F, 15L knee sprain0.57/6/719/2035/2500/00/0
25: M, 42R fifth finger crush, surgery275/5/526/2734/29+0/00/0
26: M, 29L hand laceration88/4/NR33/3235/250/00/0
Patients with incomplete or failed sympathetic blockade
11: F, 19dR palm electrocution135/0/025/2635/34++2/00/0
27: F, 61L fingers crushed144/0/034/3435/34+3/00/1
28: F, 53R radial head fracture28/2/133/3035/34+0/00/0
29: M, 22R thumb hyperextension354/1/NR22/2232/30NR+0/03/0
30: F, 47L hand surgery205/3/630/3132/30++3.5/2.52.5/1.5
31: F, 66L 2nd finger fracture, amputation368/2/834/3434/340+1/62/0
32: F, 29R wrist blow728/7.5/724/2634/30++1/01/2.5
33: M, 68L sciatic nerve injury35/4/628/3128/30NR02/00/0
34: M, 53L hand crush, shoulder sprain97/5/730/3234/330+0/00/0
35: M, 52R carpal tunnel decompression57/5/533/3335/35++0/00/0
36: F, 52L fourth finger fracture91/2/NR32/3434/34++0/00/0