Table 1

Main clinical and demographic characteristics of AD patients and performances at mean scores at the standard neuropsychological tasks

Mean (SD)RangeCutoff*
*Cutoff scores of normal controls adjusted for age and educational level23
MSE, Mini Mental State Examination
Age71.9 (6.1)57–81
Educational level8.23 (2.3)4–17
Time from onset (months)32.03(16.8)12–68
    Immediate recall21.5 (8.1)3–3122.63
    Delayed recall1.9 (2.5)0–83.09
    Recognition hits10.1 (4.7)0–15>12
    Recognition false10.7 (8.7)0–30<2
Immediate visual memory14.2 (3.4)4–1913.85
Raven Matrices ‘4716.3(6.45)0–3317.36
Phonological Word Fluency14.8 (9.75)2–3615.45
Constructional Praxis56.8 (11.66)21–7060.85
MSE19.35 (3.8)9–2823.7