Table 1

Clinical characteristics of our four patients

PatientAge SexNystagmusOphthalmological evaluationRefraction/Contact Lens TypeVA EDTRSVA SnellenContrast SensitivityVFQ-25
M, man; W, Woman; ET, esotropia; XT, exotropia; VA, visual acuity. EDTRS visual acuity was measured using the New-York Lighthouse charts (Lighthouse Low Vision Products, Long Island City, NY) recorded as the number of letters read with each eye and with both eyes open.
Contrast sensitivity was measured on a contrast sensitivity chart, recorded as the number of letters for each eye and with both eyes open.
1 64MCongenitalAlbinism.OD:+3.75+3.00×135
PendularBlue iris,OS:+3.50+1.75×32
LatentTransilluminationBitoric CL
defects.Diameter: 8.8 mm
Blonde fundus.
10D ET
No contact lens 29353320/126−20/10020/100−29343258.79
With contact lens 36434520/100+20/64−20/64−33373565.25
2 18MCongenitalNormal 5D ETOD:−5.00+0.50×90
LatentSoft CL
Diameter: 8.2 mm
No contact lens 50445020/5020/64−20/5024323480.08
With contact lens 55535920/4020/40−20/32−36364088.14
3 24WCongenitalNormalOD:−1.75+0.75×100
LatentSoft/Toric CL OS
Diameter: 8.7 mm
No contact lens 22456920/20020/6420/32−24344161.14
With contact lens 31446920/12620/6420/20−33364170.58
4 26MCongenitalAlbinism.OD:−3.00+3.75×95
PendularBlue iris.OS:plano+4.25×95
LatentTransilluminationPlano/soft CL with
Blonde fundus.Diameter: 14.5 mm
Flick XT
No contact lens 33384320/100−20/80−20/6430283258.79
With contact lens 36454620/10020/6420/5033313464.25