Table 5

Frequency of severe cognitive impairment / dementia after SSVD

StudiesnStudy populationDementia criteriaFollow up durationFrequency (%)
DSM-III-R, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 3rd edition, revised.
Tatemichi36227With/without previous stroke or pre-stroke dementiaClinical diagnosis2 years11
Wolfe3711Multiple lacunes, with/without pre-stroke dementiaClinical diagnosis>1 month27
Miyao38215First stroke, no pre-stroke dementiaDSM-III-R & MMSE<202 years11.2
Samuelsson3981First strokeClinical diagnosis3 years11
Desmond40170With/without previous stroke or pre-stroke dementiaDSM-III-R3 months25.9
Present study75With/without previous stroke or pre-stroke dementiaCDR⩾13 months13.3