Table 3

Disease characteristics for the prevalent population for both Co. Wexford and Co. Donegal

Disease characteristicCo. WexfordCo. Donegal
*Calculated using the task force database control.15
EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; MSFC, Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite.
Average age, years (range)47.2 (19–73)48.9 (24–78)
Mean age at onset, years (range)33.4 (14–57)32.8 (14–56)
Average duration of MS, years13.416.1
Female : male ratio1.7:13.4:1
Mean annualized incidence rate/ 100 000/year (95% CI)4.47 (0.27 to 8.67)5.12 (1.6 to 11.7)
Clinical course (%)
    Primary progressive12.510.7
    Secondary progressive38.638.2
Mean Kurtzke EDSS score (range)4.36 (0–9.5)4.78 (0–0.5)
Mean MSFC – Z score* (range)−1.28 (−6.55–0.77)−1.28 (−6.55–0.77)