Table 2

Sources of auditory evoked cortical contralateral (N1c) and ipsilateral (N1i) responses to left and right ear tones

Right hemisphereLeft hemisphere
Data expressed as mean ± SEM.
|x|, distance from mid-sagittal plane.
x, y, and z, three dimensional sources coordinates.
*p<0.05, **p<0.001 for two-tailed t-test assuming unequal variances: patients v control subjects.
†p<0.01, ††p<0.001 for paired two-tailed t-test: contralateral v ipsilateral or left v right hemisphere.
CBPS patients (n)55105510
    Latency (ms)101±4†125±4†113±5120±8114±7117±5
    Strength (nAm)24±5††10±2††**17±3**13±315±314±2*
    |x| (mm)46±3*50±448±2*45±349±447±2
    y (mm)0±42±61±32±62±62±4
    z (mm)55±857±856±548±650±749±5
Control subjects (n)55105510
    Latency: (ms)98±9106±9102±6105±9112±9108±6
    Strength: (nAm)36±635±3**36±3**30±1130±930±7*
    |x| (mm)55±1*54±254±1*53±350±451±2
    y (mm)4±63±53±4−3±2−2±6−3±3
    z (mm)52±351±552±3†48±545±546±3†