Table 1

Genetic changes in cases with same lower grade, glioblastoma, and higher grade recurrences

Case*Age†/SexHistology‡ P/R/RRTreatment§Interval¶ (months)Loss of heterozygosity (LOH)††LOH TP53MUT** TP53LOH 22q13EGFR Ampl
*Number in parentheses denotes case number in a previous communication3
†Age (years) at first operation
‡P, primary tumour; R, first recurrence; RR, second recurrence; PA, pilocytic astrocytoma; DA, diffuse astrocytoma; AA, anaplastic astrocytoma; GBM, glioblastoma multiforme; GBM-PNET, primitive neuroectodermal tumour-like glioblastoma; GBM-glios, mixed glioblastoma-gliosarcoma; GBM-O, glioblastoma with oligodendroglial features; (A)O, (anaplastic) oligodendroglioma; (A)OA, (anaplastic) oligoastrocytoma
§RT, radiotherapy; BR, brachytherapy; CT, chemotherapy
¶Interval between operations
** Type and position of TP53 mutation were reported previously3 or can be obtained from the corresponding author (T.H.)
††A y denotes presence and n absence of the genetic change. Cases with additional genetic changes are shown in bold.
‡‡See table 2 for details. Imb denotes imbalance.
Same lower-grade recurrences
    250939/FDA/DART143yynnny n/y nn
    305 (8)38/MAO/AO/AORT/−26/15yynnnnnnn
    347 (9)28/FAO/AO53yynnnnnyn
    272935/MAO/AORT, CT6nyyynnn n/y n/y
    831 (10)26/MAA/AART36nn n/y nny n/y n/y n
    2404 (11)31/FAA/AA/AOART/CT5/53yy n/n/y n/n/y n/n/y yynn
Glioblastoma recurrences
    663 (13)36/FGBM/GBM6nynnnyynn
    871 (19)51/FGBM-glios/GBM-gliosRT,BR11nnyy n/y nynn
    1143 (15)42/MGBM/GBMRT/BR9nnnnnnnny
    1959 (12)39/FGBM/GBMRT45nnnnnnnnn
    1857 (14)35/MGBM/GBMRT40nnnnnnynn
    1892 (17)63/MGBM/GBMRT8 n/y nn n/y n/y nnnn
    2176 (18)60/FGBM/GBMRT,BR22nnnnnnnnn
    240645/FGBM-O/GBMRT36y n/y yyyny n/y n
    251641/MGBM-glios/GBM-gliosBR11n n/y yyyyynn
    265657/MGBM/GBM/GBMRT, CT/−3/22n n/n/y yyy n/n/y nnn
    288455/MGBM/GBM-ORT6 n/y yyyy n/y nyn
Higher grade recurrences
    2308 (1)35/FPA/GBM12n n/y n n/y n/y n/y y n/y n
    269617/MDA/DA/AA−/−62/27nn n/n/y n/n/y n/n/y n/n/y y n/n/y n
    1415 (2)26/MDA/AA16nynnynynn
    1748 (3)21/MDA/AA11nnnnnyynn
    253743/MDA/AOA33 n/y n/y nn n/y nynn
    1261 (5)23/FDA/GBM58nnnnnyynn
    912 (4)50/MDA/GBM-PNET12n n/y nnn n/y y n/y n
    108345/FO/AORT25 n/y nimb/y‡‡n n/y yyimb/y‡‡n
    1140 (6)31/MAA/AA/AAless diffRT/−37/14n n/n/y n/y/y n n/n/y nynn
    211121/FAA/GBMRT56nny/y‡‡nnn n/y nn
    1866 (7)36/MAA/GBM/GBMRT/−8/9nn n/n/y n/n/y n/n/y yynn