Table 1

Patient characteristics with middle cerebral artery stenosis and clinical outcome and complications of stent assisted angioplasty

CaseAge/sexClinical presentationMedicationSPECT findingsLesion typeStent type and size (mm)Inflation pressureFollow up SPECT findingComplications
Medication: pre-operative medication (antiplatelets and/or anticoagulants).
Lesion type: classified according to the method of Mori et al.8
ND, not done; TIAs, transient ischaemic deficits; complication, periprocedural and post-procedural complications; endovascular rescue, arterial rupture was rescued by balloon tamponade and additional overlapping stenting.
Thrombotic occlusion was treated with intra-arterial administration of abciximab (Reopro; Centocor, Malvern, PA).
Cases 6 and 10 had unsuccessful stent assisted angioplasty owing to the tortuouity of the internal carotid artery siphon.
154/MRecurrent TIAsAspirinNDAGFX 3.5×98 Å for 3 secondsNDArterial rupture
272/MRecurrent TIAsAspirin/clopidogrelPerfusion defectBS-660 2.5×96 Åfor 20 secondsImproved perfusionNone
362/FTwo strokesAspirin/ticlopidinePerfusion defectBS-660 2.5×126 Å for 15 secondsNo changeNone
442/FRecurrent TIAsAspirinPerfusion defectCS-660 2.5×186 Å for 15 seconds for 3 minutesNDArterial rupture, thrombosis
S-660 2.5×18Endovascular rescue
568/MHemiparesisAspirinNDAS-660 2.5×96 Å for 20 secondsNDNone
656/MRecurrent TIAsAspirinPerfusion defectBND
776/MTwo strokesWarfarinNDBS-660 2.5×156 Å for 20 secondsNDThrombotic occlusion
856/MRecurrent TIAsAspirin/ticlopidinePerfusion defectAS-660 2.5×96 Å for 15 secondsImproved perfusionNone
967/FHemiparesisWarfarinPerfusion defectBS-660 2.5×156 Å for 20 secondsImproved perfusionNone
1070/FTwo strokesClopidogrelPerfusion defectCND
1158/MRecurrent TIAsAspirin/clopidogrelPerfusion defectAS-660 2.5×96 Å for 10 secondsImproved perfusionNone
1262/FHemiparesisWarfarin/aspirinPerfusion defectCS-660 2.5×185 Å for 30 secondsNDDistal thrombosis
1367/MHemiparesisAspirin/ticlopidinePerfusion defectAS-660 2.5×96 Å for 20 secondsNo changeNone
1458/FRecurrent TIAsAspirinPerfusion defectAS-660 2.5×96 Å for 10 secondsImproved perfusionNone