Table 2

Mean differences (95% confidence interval) of periventricular white matter lesion score and subcortical white matter lesion volume (ml) between participants with and without COPD

ModelExcess white matter lesions in participants with COPD
Periventricular score (95% CI)pSubcortical volume (95% CI)p
*Adjusted for age and sex.
†Adjusted for age, sex, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, body mass index, cholesterol level, pack years smoked.
CI, confidence interval.
1*0.70 (0.23 to 1.16)<0.010.43 (−0.21 to 1.08)0.19
2†0.69 (0.23 to 1.14)<0.010.43 (−0.22 to 1.08)0.20