Table 5

Review of published reports on recanalisation and outcome of patients with basilar artery occlusion treated with thrombolysis

SourceNo of patients (mode of treatment)Maximum time windowPartial or complete recanalisation (n (%))Favourable outcome (n (%)), measured by:Survival (n (%))
Barthel, Barthel index of activities of daily living; ia, intra-arterial; iv, intravenous; MRS, modified Rankin scale score.
Hacke343 (ia)>72 hours19 (44%)10 (23%) (no, minimal, or moderate deficit)14(33%)
Zeumer428 (ia)Not indicated (mean 8 hours)21 (75%)10 (35%) (able to work)18(64%)
Becker1412 (ia)48 hours9 (75%)3 (25%) (minimal deficits)3(25%)
Brandt542 (ia)/9 (iv)48 hours26 (51%)10 (20%) (Barthel ⩾95)16(31%)
Cross1524 (ia)82 hoursNot indicated6 (25%) (mRS ⩽2)9(38%)
Huemer1616 (iv)7 hours10 (62%)3 (19%) (independence from constant support)5(31%)
Present study40 (ia)12 hours32 (80%)14 (35%) (mRS ⩽2)23(58%)