Table 1

 Characteristics of Alzheimer cases and family controls without dementia*

Alzheimer cases (n = 426)Controls without dementia (n = 545)Probability†
*Values are given as mean (standard deviation, SD) or as number (percent, adjusted for age tertile).
†Probability values are from a generalised estimating equations model that accounts for familial correlation and adjusts for age.
ApoE, apolipoprotein E genotype; n, number; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
Age, years71.1 (SD 8.1)65.0 (SD 8.6)<0.0001
Education, 12 years or more218 (53%)384 (69%)<0.0001
Ethnicity, African American162 (35%)125 (23%)<0.0001
Oestrogen use for more than 6 months87 (21%)192 (35%)0.0007
ApoE, at least oneε4 allele281 (66%)201 (37%)<0.0001
Alcohol, more than 0.25 drinks/day106 (25%)163 (27%)0.7
Smoking history,current or past149 (37%)196 (35%)0.3
NSAID use for more than 6 months20 (5%)86 (16%)<0.0001
History of hysterectomy or oophorectomy141 (35%)231 (42%)0.016