Table 1

 Correlations of mean regional interhemispheric coherences and corpus callosum sizes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease:

Correlation coefficients (ρ) per EEG frequency band for posterior/anterior coherence and size of total (TCA), anterior (C2), and posterior (C5) corpus callosum area.
Significant results in bold: *p<0.05, **p<0.01.
Posterior coherence–TCA0.510.450.150.76**0.66**0.340.22
Posterior coherence–C50.220.420.440.77**0.58*0.280.49
Posterior coherence–C20.
Anterior coherence–C20.56*0.58*0.230.56*0.460.360.13
Anterior coherence–C50.060.310.