Table 1

 Scale used to assess severity of mirror movements in the resting less affected or unaffected hand and foot

FeaturesCharacteristics of mirroringScore
Amplitude of mirroringNo movement0
Barely discernible but repetitive movement1
Clear movement with excursion of finger, wrist or ankle of less than 2 cm. Movement is either slight but sustained or stronger but briefer2
Excursion of finger, wrist, or ankle greater than 2 cm and movement readily distinguished as mirroring (strong and sustained movement)3
Pronounced mirroring, with amplitude approaching or matching the requested task in the opposite limb4
Distribution of mirroringLess than mirrored task (fewer fingers for instance)1
Mirroring that involves the same areas as intended task2
Mirroring spreads beyond the intended task areas3
Proportion of mirroringMirroring occurs in less than 1/3 of the task intended cycles1
Mirroring occurs in between 1/3 and 2/3 of the task cycles2
Mirroring occurs for most of the task cycles (>2/3 of the task cycles)3
Maximum possible scoring: 40 (10 points/task)