Table 2

 Clinical characteristics of patients in EBV EA seropositive and negative groups

Mean anti-EBV EA IgG ratio
>2.0 (EA+)<2.0 (EA−)
*Follow up data presented here relate only to the follow up period from the first to the last collected sample per patient, which is shorter than clinical follow up per patient; †calculated as baseline EDSS per number of years since disease onset; ‡for definition of sustained progression, see text.
Demographic data
    No. of patients (F/M)26 (22/4)28 (20/8)
    Mean (SE) age in years41.3 (1.5)37.3 (2.0)
    Mean (SE) disease duration in years10.7 (1.2)10.0 (1.4)
    Mean baseline EDSS (median, range)2.3 (2.0, 0 to 5.5)2.7 (2.0, 0 to 6.0)
    Annual progression rate of disease (SE)†0.3 (0.1)0.4 (0.2)
Study data*
    Years of follow up11.418.2
    No. of exacerbations2838
    Median (mean) (SE) annual exacerbation rate3.0 (3.3) (0.4)2.6 (3.2) (0.5)
    No. of exacerbations with sustained progression‡87
    Median annual exacerbation rate for exacerbations with sustained progression (mean (SE))0.0 (1.2) (0.5)0.0 (0.4) (0.2)