Table 1

 Mean apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), and N-acetylaspartate/creatine (NAA/Cr) ratios from various regions of interest

RegionCase 1Case 2
Signal changes on DWIADC, 106 mm2/s (% of normal)*NAA/Cr†Signal changes on initial DWIADC, 106 mm2/s (% of normal)*
*Mean quantitative ADC values were calculated on small (30 mm2) circular regions of interest placed in the head of the right caudate nucleus, and in the right thalamus, putamen, occipital lobe, and vermis. The MRI quantitative diffusion data were compared with normal values obtained from 5 healthy, age matched volunteers using an identical diffusion acquisition and post-processing method. †MRI spectroscopic data were compared with spectra obtained from 30 healthy volunteers for the vermis13 and those of 5 healthy volunteers for the supratentorial spectra (data not shown); values in parenthesis are the mean and SD values for these controls.
DWI, diffusion weighted imaging; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; NA, not available.
Caudate nucleus+++458 (62.5%)NA+++520 (71%)
Putamen+++419 (60%)1.6 (1.56; 0.17)+++407 (58%)
Thalamus+565 (76%)1.31 (1.64; 0.35)+605 (82%)
Vermis928 (124%)0.79 (1.20; 0.13)768 (102%)
Internal capsule705 (101%)NA687 (98%)
Occipital grey matter782 (95%)1.91 (1.88; 0.34)802 (97%)