Table 2

 SPM analysis: regions of hypoperfusion (voxel clusters with significance of patient groups compared with controls) in the combined multiple sclerosis cohort and clinical subgroups of multiple sclerosis.

No regions of hypoperfusion were detected in the relapsing remitting subgroup.
MS, multiple sclerosis; SP, secondary progressive; PP, primary progressive; B, benign; GM, grey matter; WM, white matter; R, right; L, left.
Percentages of grey and white matter for each subgroup are derived from the total number of clusters in these regions as determined using the Montreal Neurological Institute brain template.
Deep grey matter and adjacent white matter50% GM; 50% WM50% GM; 50% WM52% GM; 48% WM43% GM; 57% WM
    R and L thalamus, caudate and extranuclear areas2399; p⩽0.001473; p = 0.0012214; p⩽0.001143; p = 0.004
Cortical grey matter and adjacent white matter66% GM; 34% W56% GM; 44% W56% GM; 44% W76% GM; 24% W
    R and L middle frontal and precentral and postcentral gyri and inferior parietal areas1450; p⩽0.0011469; p⩽0.0011802; p⩽0.001526; p⩽0.001
    R and L superior frontal and medial gyrus1049; p⩽0.001614; p⩽0.0014668; p⩽0.001NS
    R and L precuneus and cingulate gyri390; p⩽0.001NS824; p⩽0.001NS
    R and L paracentral lobule259; p = 0.001NSNSNS
    L superior parietal lobule and subgyral areas185; p = 0.007NS210; p = 0.010NS