Table 1

 Demographic characteristics of patient groups

FSHD (n = 139)MD (n = 322)HMSN-I (n = 137)
*Significant difference between MD and FSHD and between MD and HMSN-I (p<0.05).
FSHD, facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy; HMSN-I, hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type I; MD, adult onset myotonic dystrophy.
Age (years) (mean (SD))43.7 (10.1)43 (10)42.5 (10.7)
Age range (years)22 to 6118 to 6319 to 63
Sex (M/F) (%)49/5147/5341/59
Marital status
    Married/living together74%70%69%
    Missing information1%
Education level*
    Missing information1%