Table 1

 Neuropsychological performance

Scores and comments
Naming (DO 80)351/80 (−28 SD) numerous anomic type errors
Verbal fluency4
    Lexical fluency (in 1 minute)8 (−2.9 SD)
    Formal fluency (in 1 minute)7 (−1.8 SD)
Visual perception
    Visual matching5
        Of two examples of the same object32/32
        Of two views of the same object22/25 (−0.6 SD, not pathological)
Functional and category matching711/50 (pathological score <47/50)
Semantic tests
    Specific category common to 4 objects (personal test)2/15 categories
    Object decision test5Real objects, 12/25 accepted; non objects, 16/25 accepted as real objects
    Object decision (forced choice)611/50
Mental imagery
    Drawing from memory5Only non-specific or erroneous representations
    Auditory tests which solicit semantic memory and mental imagery (personal test)Incomplete definition (functional type) Impossible to find an additional visual characteristic
    Mentally comparing two similar objects (personal test)Impairment
    Global memory score62
    Subtest orientation5/5
    Subtest information (didactic knowledge)0/18
    Direct span8
    Indirect span8
WritingGraphic difficulties (telescoping, distortion of figures, numerous erasures and crossing out)
Dysorthographic errors