Table 1

 Clinical and other parameters in the 45 patients with herpes simplex virus encephalitis included in the present study

Patient no.(1) Sex(2) Age*(3) Days†(4) GCS score‡CSF examinations(7) Corticosteroid administration**Neuroradiological findings(10) Detection of PLEDs on EEG¶¶Outcome§§
(5) Initial leucocyte cell count¶(6) Initial CSF protein§(8) Detection of lesion by initial CT††(9) Detection of lesion by initial MRI‡‡
*Age in years.
†Days after onset at initiation of aciclovir.
‡GCS score at initiation of aciclovir.
¶Initial leucocyte cell count(/μl) (maximum values in serial CSF samples when the initial and maximum values were different).
§Initial CSF protein (mg/dl) (maximum values in serial CSF samples when the initial and maximum values were different);
††Detection of lesion by initial computed tomography (CT): 0 = absent, 1 = present.
‡‡Detection of lesion by initial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): 0 = absent, 1 = present. ¶¶Detection of periodic lateralized epileptiform discharges (PLEDs) on electroencephalogram (EEG): 0 = absent, 1 = present.
**Corticosteroid administration: 0 = given, 1 = not given.
§§Outcome at 3 months after completion of aciclovir treatment.
GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid.
1M4563651201111Poor (death)
2F5773377 (452)133 (358)1111Poor (death)
3M742652330111Poor (moderate sequelae)
4M34414148360110Good (complete recovery)
5F60734 (6)661110Poor (severe sequelae)
6M191071491200111Good (complete recovery)
7F271334770110Good (mild sequelae)
8F2111622921010Good (mild sequelae)
9M30111016880001Good (complete recovery)
10F203129 (12)330001Good (mild sequelae)
11F24412362401000Good (complete recovery)
12F345138203981000Good (complete recovery)
13M17471391040111Good (mild sequelae)
14M57739444101110Poor (death)
15F28574 (6)770111Good (mild sequelae)
16M20101022921011Good (complete recovery)
17M30101016880010Good (complete recovery)
18F5376458189 (235)1111Poor (moderate sequelae)
19F531345720111Good (mild sequelae)
20F345622681110Good (complete recovery)
21M3431322861110Good (mild sequelae)
22M581171321031110Poor (severe sequelae)
23M296613762400110Good (complete recovery)
24M761231023051110Poor (severe sequelae)
25F3391261611001Good (complete recovery)
26M586324561111Poor (death)
27M5628503370011Good (mild sequelae)
28M771125715800010Good (mild sequelae)
29F49563771340110Poor (moderate sequelae)
30F77337 (63)88 (104)0110Poor (moderate sequelae)
31F68510411730010Good (mild sequelae)
32M387104 (8)551111Good (complete recovery)
33M397370720110Poor (moderate sequelae)
34F7113422900011Good (mild sequelae)
35F721012128851010Poor (severe sequelae)
36M324822400011Poor (moderate sequelae)
37M71101218390111Good (mild sequelae)
38F66121195741111Poor (severe sequelae)
39M415141901591000Good (complete recovery)
40F56104150721001Poor (death)
41M2741321 (42)45 (86)1110Good (complete recovery)
42M665356851110Poor (severe sequelae)
43M451284 (8)28 (42)0010Good (complete recovery)
44M476315 (20)2401111Poor (moderate sequelae)
45M4510360840110Poor (moderate sequelae)