Table 4

 Details of corticosteroid treatments given along with aciclovir treatment in the acute stage of herpes simplex virus encephalitis

Difference between (A)and (B)*
*Statistical differences between the two different hospital groups were evaluated by Fisher’s exact probability test or the Mann-Whitney U test.
†(A) Nihon University Itabashi Hospital and two affiliated hospitals.
‡(B) Tohoku University Hospital and two affiliated hospitals.
NS, not significant.
Patients given corticosteroids (n/N (%))22/45 (49)NS
(A)† 15/30 (50)
(B)‡ 7/15 (47)
Time of initiation of corticosteroid treatmentAll patients were administered corticosteroid at the same time as the initiation of aciclovir treatment
Type of corticosteroid (n/N (%))
    Dexamethasone18/22 (82)NS
(A) 12/15 (80)
(B) 6/7 (86)
    Prednisolone4/22 (18)NS
(A) 3/15 (20)
(B) 1/7 (14)
Initial dosage of corticosteroid converted to dosage of64.6, 64.0 mg/day, 40.0–96.0NS
prednisolone (mean, median, distribution)(A) 67.9, 64.0, 48.0–96.0
(B) 61.7, 64.0, 40.0–96.0
Duration of corticosteroid treatment13.6, 6.0 days, 2.0–42.0NS
(mean, median, distribution)(A) 13.9, 3.0, 3.0–42.0
(B) 12.0, 8.0, 2.0–35.0