Table 1

 Clinical data and results of investigation for the eight study patients

Patient no.Age of onset of seizures (years)SexSps/Cps/Sec tcLesion(s)Video-EEG monitoring focus resultMSI max. dist. to lesion*Treatment (final)Follow up†
*Max. dist. to lesion, maximum distance between dipole cluster and margin of lesion, with the site of lesion specified in case of multiple lesions.
†Follow up: according to Engel’s classification.
Ø, no relationship to lesion.
cps, complex partial seizures; EEG, electroencephalography; ext., extended; F, female; Fr, frontal; foc. st. RdT, focal stereotactic radiotherapy; HE, hippocampectomy; Le, left; LE, lesionectomy; M, male; MST, multiple stereotactic transsection; N, no; O, occipital; P, parietal; res, resection cavity after previous removal of a cavernoma; Ri, right; sec tc, secondary tonic clonic seizures; sps, simple partial seizures; tail. res., tailored resection according to intraoperative ECoG; T, temporal; Y, yes.
113FY1: Le TLe Fr T1: <2 cmext. LE+HE1A
211FY1: Le T, resLe T>Ri T1: Le T <2 cm1: LE+ext.3A
2: Le P2: Le P <2 cm2: MST
3: Ri F3: Ø
323MY1: Le TLe T1: <1 cmext. LE + HE1B
46MY1: Le POLe T P O1: Le P O <1 cmLE4B
2: Le O2: Ø
514MY1: Le T, resLe T>Ri T1: >3 cmfoc. st. RdT3A
620MY1: Le TRi Fr T>Li Fr T1: Le T <1 cmLe T tail. res.2A
2: Re Fr2: Ø
720MY1: Le FrLe, Ri Fr T1: <1 cmext. LE1A
811MY1: Ri FrLe, Ri Fr T1: Ri Fr<1 cmnone“4B”
2: Ri T2: Ri Fr>3 cm
3: Ri O3: Ø
4: Le O4: Ø