Table 1

 Site and volume of brain lesions

GroupAgeSexBrain lesionsVolume of lesion (cm3)Overall volume of lesions (cm3)
T19FLeft superior frontal gyrus0.801.35
Left middle temporal gyrus0.35
Right periventricular white matter0.20
T46FLeft superior frontal gyrus0.250.25
T47FLeft superior frontal gyrus0.300.84
Right superior frontal gyrus0.54
T17M (a)Left globus pallidus0.200.27
Right dorsocaudal thalamus0.07
T17M (b)Left post-central gyrus0.021.22
Left middle frontal gyrus1.20
T17M (c)Left dorsocaudal thalamus0.060.98
Left temporal pole0.47
Corpus callosum0.45
T21MLeft middle temporal gyrus0.301.04
Right temporal pole0.20
Right paracentral lobule0.34
Right internal capsule0.20
T22M (a)Right dorsocaudal thalamus0.080.08
T22M (b)Left temporal pole1.561.56
T27MLeft temporal pole0.501.00
Left extreme capsule0.50
T34MLeft superior frontal gyrus0.401.5
Right superior frontal gyrus1.10
T35MLeft middle frontal gyrus0.201.52
Right temporal pole0.72
Right superior frontal gyrus0.60
T44MRight superior frontal gyrus0.040.09
Right middle temporal lobe0.05
T60MLeft superior frontal gyrus0.401.36
Left superior temporal gyrus0.64
Left insula0.20
Right superior frontal gyrus0.12