Table 2

 PCR results for the first CSF sample obtained in each clinical episode

HSV-1HSV-2HSV untypedVZVCMVEBVHHV-6Entero-virusJCVT gondiiMultiple virusesPCR positivePCR negative
*Multiple PCR findings included: EBV and VZV, enterovirus and HHV-6, and HSV-1, CMV, and VZV; †multiple PCR findings included: two CSF samples with HSV-1 and EBV; ‡multiple PCR findings included: two CSF samples with HSV-2 and enterovirus, one with EBV and HHV-6, and one with EBV and CMV.
Group with detailed clinical information (n = 494)
    Likely CNS viral infection061111216103*3276
    subgroup (n = 108)
    Possible CNS viral infection10102222002†1283
    subgroup (n = 95)
    Unlikely CNS viral infection2000191200015276
    subgroup (n = 291)
Group for which detailed clinical42022643114‡29230
information not available (n = 259)
Total (n = 753)782361892321988665