Table 4

 Meta-regression results

Covariates*CoefficientSE95% CIp value
*Covariate characteristics: year of study (continuous), design of study (controlled versus uncontrolled), age (continuous), disease duration (continuous), baseline Hoehn and Yahr stage (continuous), frequency of stimulation (dichotomised: low (⩽1 Hz) or high frequency (>1 Hz)), number of TMS pulses per session (continuous), intensity of TMS (dichotomised (above or below the MT)), number of sessions (dichotomised: one or multiple sessions). 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; SE, standard error.
Year−0.0360.063−0.160, 0.0880.567
Design−0.0610.248−0.547, 0.4250.805
Age−0.0390.038−0.115, 0.0360.304
Disease duration−0.0380.056−0.147, 0.0710.493
Hoehn and Yahr stage0.2870.189−0.083, 0.6580.129
Frequency−0.0480.250−0.538, 0.4420.848
Pulses−0.000050.00011−0.00027, 0.000170.671
Intensity−0.1820.243−0.658, 0.2930.452
Number0.0160.027−0.037, 0.0700.550