Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of nine patients with idiopathic restless legs syndrome

VariableMean (SEM) or nRange
ESS, Epworth sleepiness scale (daytime sleepiness); IRLSSG, International RLS Study Group rating scale; PLMS/h TST, periodic leg movement index per hour total sleep time; PSQI, Pittsburgh sleep quality index; RLS, restless legs syndrome; TST/TIB: total sleep time/time in bed (sleep efficiency).
Age (years)55.3 (3.1)(41 to 71)
PSQI11.9 (1.5)(4 to 19)
ESS6.2 (1.2)(0 to 12)
Duration of RLS (years)16.3 (3.9)(3 to 40)
IRSSG rating scale27.1 (2.2)(15 to 37)
PLMS/h TST32.1 (8.2)(10.1 to 91.9)
Sleep efficiency (TST/TIB) (%)72.4 (5.0)(40.1 to 85.7)