Table 2

 Neuroradiological characteristics of subtypes of WMM artery infarcts

CE, cardioembolism; ICA, internal carotid artery; LAD, larger artery disease; MCA, middle cerebral artery; SAD, small artery disease.
*Fisher’s exact test; †Mann-Whitney test; ‡indicates comparison between LAD and SAD; §indicates comparison between CE and SAD.
    Circular or oval35 (53.8%)17 (94.4%)8 (66.7%)
    Sausage or chain30 (46.2%)1 (5.6%)4 (33.3%)
Infarct size (mm2)97±8450±26112±103<0.001†
Cortical spotty lesion57 (87.7%)0 (0%)10 (83.3%)<0.001*
Two or more lesions41 (63.1%)2 (11.1%)6 (50%)<0.001*‡, 0.034*§
Site of stenosis0.012*
    MCA39 (59.4%)
    ICA26 (40.6%)