Table 1

 Clinical, EEG, and MRI characteristics of the 13 patients (with a total of 28 seizures) who demonstrated unidirectional whole body turning

DNET, dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumour; MTS, mesial temporal sclerosis.
Gender ratio (M/F)8:5
Age (years), mean (range)18±8 (10–38)
Seizure duration (years), mean (range)11.5±7.3 (2–26)
Seizure frequency, median per month2–3
Seizures recorded per patient, median2
Direction of turning, no. of patients
    Right and left1
EEG focus
        No. of patients (%)11 (84.7)
        No. of seizures (%)26 (92.8)
        No. of patients (%)2 (15.3)
        No. of seizures (%)3 (10.7)
MRI findings, no. of patients
    Bilateral (asymmetrical) MTS4
    Unilateral MTS2
    Temporal lobe cystic lesions2
    Rasmussen’s encephalitis1
    Medial temporal DNET1
    Temporal post-traumatic gliosis1
    Normal MRI2