Table 1

 Migraine and aura characteristics, patient demographics, dosages of lamotrigine, and treatment duration

Migraine with aura56/(95)
Aura without headache3/(5)
Patients total59/(100)
Type of aura
    Visual and sensory14/(24)
    Unilateral paresis5/(8)
    Bilateral paresis arm/leg3/(5)
    Dysarthria/speech deficits3/(5)
Sex (F/M)35(59)/24(41)
Age (years)5932.18.718–52
Duration of disease (years)596.33.81–20
Aura frequency (each month)591.50.61–3
Duration of aura (minutes)5926.910.810–50
Migraine attack frequency (months)562.11.01–6
Lamotrigine dosage (mg)59166.9493.750–300
Treatment time to reach primary endpoint (months)594.82.32–14