Table 1

 Features of HNA patients with nerve and/or muscle biopsy

*See Airaksinen et al5; †no further details available.
BP, brachial plexus; LSP, lumbosacral plexus.
Sex, age at biopsyMale, 53 yearsMale, 29 yearsMale, 19 yearsFemale, 9 yearsFemale, 8 yearsFemale, 72 years (postmortem)
Age at first attack17 years28 years3 years9 years8 years21 years
No. of attacks312115
    Clinically affected?YesYesNoNoProbably yes
Sural nerve+++(Brachial plexus)
    Clinically affected?YesNoNo
Time between biopsyMuscle: 2 weeks6 months1 yearAcute†Acute†>30 years †
and last attackNerve: 2 years
Clinical features of last attackBilateral BP+right LSPBilateral upper BPRight upper BP+posterior cordRight upper BPRight upper BPUpper and medial BP