Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of the patients

ONDMultiple sclerosis
‡The “ratio” of NfHSMI34 to NfHSMI35 was available for only a subgroup of patients due to restricted sample volume.
*Values are median (interquartile range).
†Patients with SP/PP disease had a longer disease duration (p<0.05) and relapse free interval (p<0.05).
N/A, not applicable; NfHSMI34, NfH detected with SMI34 antibody; NfHSMI35, NfH detected with SMI35 antibody; OND, other neurological diseases; PP, primary progressive; RR, relapsing remitting; SP, secondary progressive.
Age (years)*44.0 (1–77.9)45.4 (34.9–52.9)47.2 (42.5–51.5)46.5 (42.5–51.5)48.5 (42.5–51.5)39.6 (34.9–47.7)
Disease duration (years)*N/AN/AN/A14.0 (8.0–19.9)16.0 (11.8–21.8)8.1 (3.7–13.0)
Relapse free interval (months)*N/AN/AN/A38.0 (8.0–96.0)83.0 (23.5–144.5)8.0 (3.0–38.0)