Table 3

 Characteristics of migraine with aura (MA) and other reversible visual disturbances (no MA)

SymptomsMA (n = 362)No MA (n = 112)
Visual aura(n = 358)Sensory aura(n = 196)Aphasic aura(n = 116)Visual disturbances
*Recorded as numerical data.
†Location of visual symptoms: unilateral (homonymous), in one side of the visual field; bilateral, in both sides of the visual field.
Acute onset1965/3452547/1878789/102
Gradually developing*
    5–30 minutes68236/34558109/18766/102
    31–60 minutes414/34548/18711/102
    >60 minutes
    Patient cannot say930/3451223/18766/102
    <1 minutes1517/111
    1–4 minutes<11/3562427/111
    5–30 minutes72255/35664122/1895557/104910/111
    31–60 minutes1864/3562241/1892324/10466/111
    >60 minutes1036/3561426/1892223/1044651/111