Table 1

 Clinical details of patients with task specific dystonia

PatientSexAge (y)Symptom duration (y)Diagnosis (instrument)Affected hand (hand dominance)Associated symptomsTask specificityTreatment
Rating of task specificity was adopted according to the classification of Sheehy and Marsden.16 Patients treated with botulinum toxin were examined >6 months after the last injection.
BTX, botulinum toxin; F, female; L, left; M, male; R, right, y, years.
1F343Musician’s cramp (piano)R (R)NoneDystonicNone
2M468Musician’s cramp (mandolin)R (L)NoneDystonicNone
3M591Musician’s cramp (piano)R (R)NoneSimpleNone
4M3815Musician’s cramp (guitar)L (R)NoneDystonicBTX
5M431Musician’s cramp (piano)R (R)NoneSimpleNone
6M475Writer’s crampR (R)NoneSimpleNone
7M407Writer’s crampL (L)NoneDystonicNone
8M3510Writer’s crampR (R)NoneDystonicBTX
9F435Writer’s crampR (R)NoneSimpleNone