Table 1

 Parameters used in both conventional and ultrafast MR sequences

SequenceConventional T1ASSET T1Conventional T2ASSET T2Conventional FLAIRASSET FLAIRConventional DWIASSET DWIConventional MRAASSET MRA
Spin echoFast spoiled GREFast spin echoFast spin echoFLAIRIR single shot fast spin echoSpin echo EPISpin echo EPI3D ToF3D ToF
ASSET, array spatial sensitivity encoding technique (GE Medical Systems implementation of sensitivity encoding; note that all ASSET acquisitions were carried out using an in-plane (that is, phase encoding direction) scan reduction factor of 2); ETL, echo train length; FLAIR, fluid attenuated inversion recovery; FOV, field of view; NEX, number of excitations (signal averages); RBW, receiver bandwidth; TE, time of echo time; TI, time of inversion; TR, time of repetition.
TE (ms)94.2102100160121Min (76.4)Min (66.8)6.9Min (3.1)
TR (ms)600250600058008000Min (2181)1000049254220
TI (ms)22002000
ETL/No of shots2424NA11
Flip angle (°)752020
RBW (kHz)15.615.620.820.831.241.725025031.231.25
FOV (cm)24262224222428282224
Phase FOV1.01.00.750.751.
Slice thick (mm)556666551.42
Slice spacing (mm)11111100−0.7−1.5
No of slices22202020202028284826
Matrix frequency256256320320256256128128512320
Matrix phase224192256224224128128128256192
Scan time (min:s)02:2300:2600:5400:2902:4100:441:2000:3906:3100:54