Table 2

 Characteristics of the chronic cluster headache in ten patients following gamma knife surgery and follow up at one year

PatientEvolution of the chronic cluster headache and follow upEvaluation of treatment at one year/side effects
1Completely disappeared for first 15 daysFailure/hypoaesthesia
Initially pain attacks less frequentDeafferentation pain++
21 months follow up: pain as severe as before (1 attack/day) with prophylactic treatment(verapamil 600 mg/d; clomipramine 150 mg/d)
2June 2002: complete pain cessationGood/0
20 months follow up: 1 attack/month with prophylactic treatment (propranolol 160 mg/d)
3Until day 7 no painExcellent/paraesthesia
Day 7 to 11: 2 attacks/day15/08/02 no hypoaesthesia
Day 37: greater occipital nerve blockade
15 months follow up: complete pain cessation; no prophylactic treatment
4Reduction in the frequency and severity of the pain attacks and complete stop at 1 weekFailure/0
December 2002: return of pain as before
15 months follow up: prophylactic treatment (verapamil 480 mg/d)
5Transient improvement at 5 monthsGood/paraesthesia without hypoaesthesia
13 months follow up: 4 attacks/month with prophylactic treatment (verapamil 480 mg/d)
6Complete disappearance of the pain at 5 monthsGood/hypoaesthesia
12 months follow up: 2 attacks at 6 months; prophylactic treatment (verapamil 360 mg/d)No corneal reflex
7No improvement at 11 months (verapamil 480 mg/d; lithium 250 mg/d)Failure/paraesthesia (cheek)
8No improvement at 9 monthsFailure/0
9No attacks in the last 6 months with treatmentExcellent/0
8 months follow up: lithium 750 mg/d; valproate 2 g/d
108 months follow up: no attack; no prophylactic treatmentExcellent/0